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There are not many cats capable of drawing - most of them content themselves with scratching Graffiti to wallpaper or furniture - but this Cattus Domesticus Anthromorphus is even addicted to nicotine. And hates old people to death, according to his job.

When Scythe does not draw, cooks, drinks coffee or works, he lies in his bed asleep. Though, since his presence is wanted in many cases and places, you have to wake him up once in a while, which is not an unrisky thing to do, because pressing the light switch turns Scythe into a furious battle-ball of fur and claws.

Rian is a mixture of a classic mad scientist, electrician, game-freak, fox and all-rounder, which means he can do a bit of everything, but nothing perfectly. This results in earthquakes of different strengh shaking his underground laboratory from time to time.

He adores video games, only his toast-obsession could surpass this love. Nobody knows why he is addicted to this stuff, but everybody accepts it... somehow. What he absolutely cannot bear are italian plumbers with mustaches. Nevertheless, Rian is a nice guy who would never harm a fly; he rarely will get raging with anger, but when, then he's at it with all he's got. He's not resentful, one reason for that may be that he's a scatter-brained.

Kibi would be the one most suitable for the purgatory - a devilish girl.
If she cannot get what she wants or does not approve what she gets, she starts a flame war of ultimate devestation and if there's still something left afterwards, she goes over into taking materialistic action.

Her whole live seems to resemble a big RPG or Anime, and sometimes she let's her mind drift away, surpassing the borders between reality and fiction - she will be venturing the scapes, on her search for entertaining sidequests.
Maybe it's her intelligence: She is simply too smart to lead a normal life. And she is simply too mean to let other lead a normal life.
And you'd be sure to fear her. Oh yes, fear her indeed.

This small device named T0-G3 (TOGE) is Rian's newest invention: The speaking fusion of a SEGA Genesis and a toaster.

It may be able to roast, play games and is hyperintelligent, but there seems to be a essential byte missing in it's CPU - and therefore it is an asshole.

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