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The easiest way to praise us, make critisism or to send us similiar messages
still is our guestbook. We'll look in it from time to time (Every 30st of february, muahahaha) and even write our comments in it!
Scythe: "What, really?"
Rianq: "Yup, really."

But if you have some hurriedly, important or private messages (A threatening letter for example, these we really like. There's everytime something to laugh of), then write it on a piece of paper, fold it in the middle (If you have to, multiple times) and eat it.
If you aren't hungry, then write a mail to us

The alternate way ist to contact me (Rianq) by MSN messanger (Rianq)
But it should be important, for your sake!


You won't get Scythe adress, because he even can't get one eye closed at this moment.
Nah, just kidding, I enjoy having a chat. But please don't ask me to invent a whole new story for something you want to do.

Wheee, we joined the Charming Eclipse Community, so you can meet us there too.

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