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Scythe's favs


Angsty angsty thing, bad bad me. My first try back in 2003 to switch from simple cell shade to burn/dodge rendering. I figured out this style sucked and got back to advancing my skills in cell shade.

Here's Abyss! You gotta love him! He's a character from the game I'm working on with the RM2k ("Seekers of the Sun". Wooo!). Strange anatomy, but I like it somehow.

And here's another artwork for Seekers of the Sun, showing Aery. I love his punkish hairstyle!

The latest artwork I did for Seekers of the Sun - it's Abyss in front of some tech-pillar-kinda-thing. I tried to use pure handcoloring on that one, not relying on filters or special tools to create the highlist. Has some flaws, but the color looks neat, I guess... I hope.

A request I did for Firedrop. It's gonna be the title pic for his RM2k Project ("Das Geheimnis Gwendolyns"). Guybrush Threepwood has a successor, yeeha! This one's completely handrawn on my tablett, and I'm quite proud of the background, even if the ship doesn't really fit into the perspective, but heck, who cares. (Okay, I do, but who cares if I care.)

This is the first pic ever I drew for Rianq when we met on rpg2000.de quite some time ago. You can also notice I didn't knew much about coloring things via PC back then, but he still uses this one as his avatar in most places. Comment by Rianq: It's the second, you nincompoop!

Actually this is a panel out of the RPG Maker Quartiere Comic I did back in 2003 (and which I might resume one day), but I cut it out, because this pictures somehow defines my working philosophy - and yes, I am able to smoke and sleep at the same time!

Another one of two requests I did for Feldherr. It's the character Gino for his RM2k Project "Schatten über Prinzenburg". Though I crapped up the feet, I somehow like the cellshaded armor, looks very cartoonish.

This is the second request for Feldherr. Mantao's the maincharacter of "Schatten über Prinzenburg", and I especially like the foldwork on his cape. The harp sucks a bit, but overall this one looks pretty welldone in my opinion.

Ok, there was this contest I didn't take part in because I was part of the jury- but nevertheless the topic was interesting enough to make me draw a picture for it just for fun, and this is the result. Her head's a bit too big and unproportional in comparison to the body, but the background and color turned out well in my opinion.


Rianq*s favs


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